Hi, I’m Michael Judd and welcome to my website.

I’m an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, philanthropist, and world traveler with an obsession for mastering every area of my life, fulfilling my potential as a human being and making a difference in the lives of others.

At 22 years old, I began my self-development journey and have since been obsessed with learning and growing in all areas of my life.

I started this website in 2018 as a way to help others commit to mastering every area of their lives through self-development, including health, fitness, emotions, mindset, relationships, financial freedom, passive income, starting an online business, and spirituality.



Michael Judd is a lifestyle entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles. Michael creates content showing you how to build wealth by doing what you love. Featuring how he invests in Real Estate & other money making opportunities you can do remotely while traveling to incredible destinations around the world.